Our History

Proud Member Of The Lakeway Business District

Our Company History

We are a family owned and operated business for over 60 years. Four generations of the Thomas family have worked the counters. It all started in the 1940’s as a junk yard in the back parking lot of an old garage. Today we have grown into a thriving business presently standing in the same building located in the active Lake Way Business District of Shrewsbury, MA.  It all started with owners Walter G Thomas and his two sons, John (Sonny) and Joseph (Anthony). And now Anthony runs the store with his two sons Walter G the 2nd and Joseph Jr. along with Walters’ son Anthony who comes up to hang around and helps out with deliveries . We have 3 Generations of Thomas’working behind the counter who can serve you with decades of knowledg.The Thomas family have worked very hard for many years to establish the business as it is today. From selling parts off old junk cars, to stripping the cars down for scrap steel.

In 1952, we slowly converted the junk yard into a Brake and Light station (similar to an inspection station) with a repair garage and full service gas station. Then in 1959 Thomas Auto Parts was born. We converted over to a standard auto parts store and remains today as a prosperous, friendly neighborhood establishment. We have a wide verity of individuals who love  hang around  here at Thomas Auto Parts because of the friendly  and interesting  atmosphere we have here.

We Specialize in  Classic andAntique cars ranging from the 1940’s to the mid 1980’s. We are able to locate many hard to find parts because we deal the warehouse that have been around as long as we have been. Also our staff is very knowledgeable of  that vintage automobile and under stand the needs of people who have old cars. We at Thomas Auto Parts welcome people with any  vehicles  new or old to come on down to see us.